Vivo TWS 2 ANC Moonlight White

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40dB Advanced Noise Cancellation: These earbuds continuously detect external sound and emit precise soundwaves to counter the noise. Up to 40dB of noise can be eliminated. Enjoy your world in peace, regardless of how loud the air conditioner gets or how busy traffic is. Various features are as: single tap to mute unwanted noise, smart & Dynamic Noise Cancellation, transparency Mode, three-Mic Noise Cancellation, vivo Golden Ears Acoustics Lab

12.2mm Super Strong Bass: Ground breaking acoustic design and innovative engineering come together in this compact space. The customized 12.2mm super strong bass, coupled with a carbon fiber composite diaphragm, offers powerful bass, crisp mids and highs. carbon fiber composite diaphragm: lightweight, good rigidity, outstanding high frequencies performance, all-new speaker magnetic circuit: higher electromagnetic conversion efficiency and stronger power

29-hour Ultra Long Battery Life: A high-performance chip and large-capacity battery are fitted in a compact frame. Paired with exceptional power management, your earbuds offer all the freedom you want

88ms Low Gaming Latency: Our very own dual coupled antennas, combined with multiple innovative wireless technologies, raises connection stability by 20%*. With a system fully optimized from phone to earbuds, the audio latency is as low as 88ms*. Stay on top of your game with picture and sound nearly in perfect sync.