One-GX Wifi 7.0" Gaming Laptop 256GB Baby Blue (8GB RAM)


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Item Details
CPU Intel Core i5-10210Y Quad Core
GPU Intel UHD Graphics
OS Windows 10
Memory Card slot Micro SD Card up to 512GB (not included)
Screen Size 7.0 inch
Screen Type IPS Capacitive Screen
Resolution 1920 x 1200
Battery 3.7V / 12000mAh
WiFi 802.11ax, 2.4GHz
Bluetooth V4.2
Battery Non-removable Li-Po 4500 mAh battery


Every frame is wonderful, 7-inch high-end IPS LCD

In line with the visual standards of world. One-GX chose a 7-inch FHD IPS LCD screen, the pixel density is up to 323ppi, restoring a more refined game picture, not missing every detail, bright, vivid video, 178° wide perspective, no matter from which angle, each frame looks wonderful.

Easy to carry out, Play 3D online games at any time.

One-GX is only 7 inches, weighs only about 0.62kg. It's the similar size as the mobile phone. It's small enough to fit in your handbag. you can use one-GX to play PC games to relax when you're on the plane, on the high-speed rail, in the office, in the coffee shop or in the park.

Powerful Intel Core 10th processor.

As a Mini PC gaming device, one-GX is ready for uncompromising performance! With 10 generations Core 15 -10210y processor, 4cores and 8 threads, Max turbo frequency 4GHz, and 8GB/ 16GB dual channel high-speed storage, you can play every game with better and smootn game effect comparable to that of desktops.

A+B intelligent cooling system, Calm down and run assists-ONE-GX

ONE-GX adopts the rear double air outlet structure cooling hole design, and with pure copper vacuum liquid heat transfer tube + double pure copper fins, two turbocharged Mini radiators of different sizes can be intelligently deployed.

Made of 6000 series aluminum, CNC carved shell. Just for you to have a better feel

The shell of One-GX is the made of 6000 series aluminum which used in the fields of aviation, aerospace and high-end automobiles widely, it making the shell of One-GX stronger and lighter, the shell is carved with CNC technology, the higher cost and exquisite hand feel.

Fun is share with friends, Detachable handles The better way to share.

One-GX is equipped with a detachable game handles, and the hidden slideway can be connected handles easily, there are four modes for you to share fun: TV mode, desktop mode, palm moe and 2 players moe. You can separate the handle from One-GX, sit on the sofa, connect the large sceeen, install our special handle bracket, and continue to fight!

Intel Wi-Fi6 - New technology for faster Internet speed.

One-GX was equipped with Intel WIFI 6 network module, supports. WIFI 6 (802.11ax) protocol and the new standard is also compatible old technology. However, compared with the previous generation of WIFI 5, WIFI 6 can bring faster speed, more stable network and lower delay.

12000mAh Larger battery capacity, longer use time.

One-GX chase 12000mAh (3.7V) High capacity polymer lithium battery. The 10th CPU has lower power consumption and runs in 7-inch size, which can provide more longer use time and smooth effect for games. lt can get a good endurance effect in both games and video entertainment.

Faster charging support, Because of PD charge protocol.

One-GX support PD charge protocol, You car use the power-bank to charge like a mobile phone (support 5V, 9V, 12V power-bank). Even you go outside, you just need to bring the power-bank with your GX, then you car charge One-GX at any time, Don't worrying about the sudden power failure when you in the group war gaming time.

Micro PCl-e SSD, Small and low power consumption, But faster speeds.

Micro PCI-E SSD on-board, Small and low power consumption, The comprehensive index is higher than the ordinary m.2 solid-state drive, and the reading and writing speed is several times higher than the SATA SSD, which is also more stable. In addition, there are a m.2 expansion slot is reserved inside the device, which supports dual ssds. You can expand the storage space according to your needs, more games can be loaded at faster speed.