Godox TT685N II Thinklite TTL Camera Flash (for Nikon)

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Broader Bounce Angle

The TT685II is upgraded with a broader tilt angle from -7o to 120o, and rotatable in 330o.  It gives you more flexible bounce flash angles and a much more efficient lighting setup process,  By a twist of the light head, then you can get a nice bounce light you desired either on-camera or off-camera.

TCM Instant Conversion

The TT685II is added with the TCM function to enhance your shooting efficiency.  TCM allows for instant conversion from TTL to manual mode.  At the same time, this function helps you lock the proper exposure value ensuring every fire with an accurate expression of light.

Quick-release Lock

Like the other upgraded additions to the Godox TTL Flash lineup, the TT685II is designed with a quick-release lock to ensure a smooth setup, which helps you capture the next masterpiece in the critical moments.

Various flash modes for unlimited creativity

The TT685II continues the functions in TTL, Manual and Multi flash mode.  Under TTL mode, all the functions as HSS (up to 1/8000s) FEC, FEB, rear-curtain sync, and so on help you to capture every splendid moment quickly, precisely, and creatively.  In manual mode, there are 22 steps of power output from 1/1 to 1/128 for your free adjustment.

Power port brings amazing speed and power

With the power port, you can connect the TT685II with an external Lithium-Ion power pack as PB960 to boost the flash performance for more possibilities.  The TT685II will be your next workhorse for shooting real weddings, street fashion, news photography, and more.