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iPhone SE (2020) - an overview of Apple's new low-cost smartphone that could be a bestseller.

April 24, 2020

It took Apple exactly 4 years to release the second version of the once-popular cheapest iPhone SE. Despite the fact that the novelty in 2020 is not a pioneer, Cupertino decided not to mark the smartphone with the index "2", leaving the former name - iPhone SE. The device was waiting for a long time and it happened - Apple without much pathos presented the smartphone, again endowing it with a rather modest price tag. This time the basis of the gadget was an old iPhone 8. What the "apple" brand m...

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and Galaxy Tab A (2020) - two excellent mid-price tablets are on sale

April 20, 2020

Over the past month, there have been rumors online that Samsung is preparing for the release of several tablet devices. One of them was to be a simplified version of last year's flagship Galaxy Tab S6 with the prefix Lite, and the second - a compact device Galaxy Tab A (2020) 8.4 inches. Early leaks were confirmed and both tablets really came out, and now we know not only their full specifications and design but also the official price. The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite - tablet overview, features, and pr...

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Moto G8 Power Lite - Overview of a long-lasting smartphone with up to 3 days of battery life in active use mode

April 12, 2020

Long-playing smartphones are more relevant today than ever. Finally, even the flagship models sacrificed the subtlety and elegance look to the advantage of battery life. There's no need to talk about low-cost devices: 4000 mAh, 5000 mAh and even honest 6000 mAh is no longer news today. So the Motorola company decided to move in the same vein and recently released a new long-lasting smartphone called Moto G8 Power Lite. The manufacturer claims that thanks to the large battery and good hardware, t...

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A selection of excellent wireless headphones and Bluetooth speakers to suit every taste and budget

April 07, 2020

Global quarantine… who could have imagined this a couple of months ago, when coronavirus was just gaining momentum. Life as usual now seems a luxury: walks in the park, shopping, and just simple activities like meeting friends - now it is not available. Of course, self-isolation is the best remedy for the spread of the virus, because health and life itself are much more important than a temporary inconvenience. But it's not as cool to sit at home as many of us thought it was. Staying 24 h...

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Apple introduces the new iPad Pro 2020 and the new Magic Keyboard with Touchpad - overview and features

March 24, 2020

Despite the general problem with the coronavirus, or rather what inconveniences the virus brought to the techno giants, Apple still released new gadgets. It happened on March 18 and the world was presented not only the new MacBook, but also Mac mini, as well as several iPad Pro 2020. In addition, the iPad Pro introduced the Magic Keyboard with a touchpad. Read today's article about what's new in tablets, what surprised the company prepared and whether they managed to make revolutionary gadgets a...

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