LSRC LS-38 6K Double Camera Mini Drone Aircraft - Standard Edition

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1. The front lens is equipped with a wide-angle 6K HD WIFI, and the bottom HD 1080P with optical flow can switch the camera angle. The ESC version can adjust the shooting angle of the front camera on the remote control and add EIS electronic anti-shake to make the photos clearer.

2. Precise positioning, with GPS precise positioning, can realize one-key return home, no signal return home, low power return home

3. Long battery life with 7.4V2000mAh lithium battery, the battery life can reach about 28 minutes

4. Customize the route. You can draw the picture you want to fly on the APP

5. Intelligent follow, fly around, palm control, map real-time positioning of drones, out-of-control map planning route, APP mobile phone control, one-key return to home, headless mode, ascent and descend, forward and backward, fly left and right, automatically switch optical flow/ GPS

6. Gesture photography, optical flow positioning, brushless motor, long battery life

7. Brushless motor provides more powerful power and longer service life